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Dear friends, welcome to our blog “Amazing Workplaces”.

I and my company have had a rich and vast experience in creating interesting visual communication for a number of corporate houses on the lookout to communicate effectively with their employees. Through this experience, I have got a chance to closely work with the heads of Internal Communications, HR & Sales teams. I found it interesting to see that the more engaged the people were in any organization, the better was its perceived brand value. As it is rightly said: To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace. 

As a co-founder of a Design Firm that primarily helps design communication for all types of Internal Communication, Employee Engagement and R&R activities, I realized that these 3 verticals in any organization, help create happier, better aware and more engaged employees. It would not be wrong to term such workplaces as “Amazing Workplaces”.

Now what exactly is an amazing workplace? And how do we create one? To answer this query, through the journey that I have undertaken, I plan to meet the heads, CEO’s and department heads of medium and large organizations to understand the efforts that they put in to engage their workforce in ways that keep them motivated, enthusiastic and forever willing to go that extra mile to deliver what is required.

At amazing workplaces, we are looking for iconic organizations and every week we plan to introduce you to one such organization that is really changing the way people think about coming to work everyday. Its not the size and scale of the organization but its culture and the measure of happiness of its people that is the key deciding factor on whether its an amazing workplace or not.


Through this blog we also wish to achieve the task of helping our readers build  “amazing workplaces” by sharing with you expert insights, on how to transform your organization into an amazing workplace.

If you like this blog and our various posts, do give us your valuable feedback. If you want your organization to feature in this blog, do write in to us at:[email protected]

Ekta Capoor, Editor in Chief
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