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Indian Institute of Management of Jammu- Presenting HR 4.0

IIM Jammu HR Conclave

IIM Jammu is a present-day firm focused on inter-connectivity, automation, machine learning, and real time data. The organization aims at exploring the essential and crucial issue in HR and firms that holds a strong future ahead for workplaces and industries.

  • Future of Work – Redefining the workplace
  • Workforce Readiness – Towards a future-ready workforce
  • Redefining Diversity and Inclusion – building a more inclusive organization
  • Innovations in HR
  • Future Leadership – Breaking the glass ceiling!
  • HR and Organizational Performance
  • Employee Engagement and Experiences

IIM Jammu, afresh present their 2nd HR Conclave designated as HR 4.0. The event’s patron will be Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu. The HR Conclave organised by the Indian Institute of Management Jammu, on 30th and 31st August,2019 at IIM Jammu Campus will provide a platform for practitioner oriented learning to recognise the future of HR 4.0

The event’s focal point is to bring a revolution to bring a fundamental change in the line of employee engagement and workplace- 2030. The firm pays an explicit attention to creating connections and community as workplaces become more virtual and filled with more contingent workers. The program is to revolutionise and reskill the workforce to achieve the greatest achievement. To make the engagement in business as well to carry forward an internal process improvement in the workplace.

A roadmap for the future –

IIM Jammu considered every aspect before preparing the roadmap to the revolutionary future. Moving onwards in reskilling the current employees, it was also necessary to prepare the upcoming industries personnel along. Co-ordination and co-operation from the industries and the workforce was a prerequisite requirement to move forward. The businesses and educational institutes can collaborate to predict the short-term technological needs and changes to impart requisite skills in the students. Along with the focus on reducing the losses, the gains in diversity representation can also be made.

HR 4.0 aims to,

  • Understand the intricacies of Industry 4.0 and its impact on HR
  • Elaborate on HR 4.0 concepts as applications for the industry
  • Discuss the technological implications of HR 4.0 on HR processes
  • Discuss the agronomical implication of HR 4.0 on the workplace

Points of Discussion –

  1. Future of Work – Redefining the workplace
  2. Workforce Readiness – Towards a future-ready workforce
  3. Redefining Diversity and Inclusion – building a more inclusive organization
  4. Innovations in HR Processes
  5. Future Leadership – Breaking the glass ceiling!
  6. HR and Organizational Performance
  7. Employee Engagement and Experience

Event Venue –

Indian Institute of Management Jammu (IIM Jammu) Old University Campus,

Canal Road, Jammu 180016.

2nd HR Conclave Conveners –

  • Prof. Happy Paul, IIM Jammu
  • Prof. Nakul Parameswar, IIM Jammu

2nd HR Conclave Team –

  • Prachi Mathur
  • Iqra Khan
  • Ariit Sengupta
  • Sahitya Saxena
  • Tanya Mongia 
  • Subin Sudhakar 
  • Aashi Tayal 
  • Hafis Javed
  • Abdul Baji
  • Ashutosh Gupta
  • Soumya Jain

Who should attend –

  • HR professionals, in-house recruiters and executives from different industries, who are decisions makers and are engaged in managing human resources.
  • Researchers and academicians who have worked in the areas of Human Resource Management.
  • HR Directors, corporate HR, management team and Government/Public service HR who take care of the issues pertaining to Public sector units and other Government departments.
  • Management consultants who looks into the areas to implement the changes to increase the effectiveness of the organisations.


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