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Press Note – AgileOne Connect Conference

The HR fraternity in Hyderabad was in for something creative and unique on 31st May at Hotel Avasa – AgileOne’s first ever HR event “Connect Conference”. The event started off with a business quiz to warm the audience up followed by an innovative welcome of the AgileOne team who lined up and welcomed each delegate with actions, similar to the safety demonstration on a plane customized for the HR audience.

The event was organized to give insights into the most important and current issues specific to talent acquisition. As leaders in the field of workforce management and recruitment, Jaishankar A. (Country Manager at AgileOne) was the Key note speaker and moderator for the event. He introduced the topic and gave his views on the different aspects that were to be discussed.

The Panel were senior members of the industry and have set certain benchmarks for the upcoming HR professionals in terms of the way forward and how the changing hiring trends will impact the workforce.

Key points covered in the event were as below

  • Current landscape of Recruitment 2019 – Overview and Talent Acquisition trends
  • Talent Acquisition – Law of vital few – What are your thoughts? Panellists overview about TA acquisition – Law of vital few – Thoughts around the topic
  • Understanding 80/20 rule in Talent Acquisition. – Discussion on what 80% the focus should be on. (Top contributors)
  • What are the factors (drivers) which would help improve Talent Acquisition
  • 20% – Reasons for failures of TA in an organization – Drivers for failures
  • 20% – Reasons for a holistic successful TA group in an organization  
  • Volume recruitment vs. Search mandates – What are the drivers?
  • Candidate/Brand management – What are the drivers?
  • The top drivers which would fuel the Talent Space in the next 5 years.
  • Hiring the best Talent – Why organizations want only the cream?
  • What strategies companies are adopting to retain talent
  • How ready are we (HR) for the digital generation (Gen Y, Gen Z & Millennials)

Our distinguished Key note speaker and Moderator

A. Jaishankar – Country Manager at AgileOne

Our distinguished Panellist/Speakers:

  • Karuna Vempala – Head, Global TA at Cigniti
  • Dinesh Kumar Murugesan – Country Head HR at DSM
  • Dr. Aparna Reddy – Director HR at Therapiva
  • I. V. S. Ranganath – Head HR at Shriram Bioseed

The event was a platform for key issues to be addressed in the HR Space and AgileOne had offered this wonderful interactive platform for encouraging thought leadership of the industry to adopt and practice as the best Practice of the industry. HR professionals from multiple industries have attended this event and have contributed towards the progress of HR as a business enabler and create value in Business processes.

Agenda: ‘Connect Conference’ – Friday May 31st 2019 – Timeline

– 17:20 – 18:00 – Registration
– 18:00 – 18:05 – Welcome Speech – Rohan & Key note speaker introduction
– 18:05 – 18:15 – Key Note Speech – Jai (then takes the Moderator seat)
– 18:15 – 18:20 – Panelist Introduction – Rohan (Order as follows)
Mr.Dinesh, Dr. Aparna Reddy B, Mr.Karuna Vempala, Ms.Lakshmi Achanta & Mr. Venkatesh Palabatla
– 18:20 – 19:20 – Panel Discussion – ‘Talent Acquisition – The law of the vital few’. (Jai to start discussion)
– 19:20 – 19.30 – Q&A – Audience
– 19:30 – 19.35 – Conclusion – Jai
– 19:35 – 19.40 – Thank you Note – Mohan Dasika
– 19:40 – 19.45 – Handing over Mementos – Jai
– 19:45 – 19.47 – Dinner & Social Hour Announcement – Rohan
– 19.47 – 23.00 – Networking


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